Edgy debates in Turkish parliament - PHOTOSESSION

Edgy debates in Turkish parliament - <font color=red>PHOTOSESSION</font>
# 03 February 2010 08:49 (UTC +04:00)
There were edgy debates during the discussion of proposal made by Osman Durmus, MP from the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) to quit the minister of labor and social protection Omer Dincer.

Former health minister Durmus made ironic comment on the incident happened with Prime Minister Erodgan’s wife, who was not allowed to enter Gulhane hospital to visit famous actor Nejat Uygur there.

The MP’s ironic comment caused scandal at the parliament. Co-chair of the Justice and Development Party (AKP) faction Bekir Bozdag protested Durmus speech. Then Prime Minister Erdogan addressed the parliament and called it unmoral insinuation against his wife. After that MHP and AKP members clashed with each other. Deputy Chairman of the parliament, member of the Republican People’s Party (CHP) Guldal Mumcu announced coffee break at the parliament session. Erdogan left the room surrounding by party fellows. AKP parliamentarian Ali Goyuncu was taken to hospital after the clashes.

Vice Prime Minister, former speaker of the parliament Bulent Arinc blamed Mumcu in non-ability to lead the parliament.

- What a chairmanship at the parliament? You can not support anyone.
- I will not ask you how I should chair the parliament. I lead the sessions not supporting anyone. You can not blame me.

Then co-chair of AKP faction Mustafa Elitas entered the Mumcu’s office to put the squeeze on her, but MHP member and parliament secretary Murat Ozkan tackled him there. Mumcu refused to preside over the parliament session in a protest against the scandalous events, but then Vice Prime Minister and government spokesman Cemil Cicek apologized to her on behalf of his party. Then Mumcu came to the parliament chamber and made short statement: “I know that Turkey is administrated by the independence of lawmaking, executive and court powers. I am representing the lawmaking power, which can not be meddled by the executive power. The Prime Minister intended to come to my office and to instruct me, but I strongly condemn it”.