APA Group presentation

APA GROUP LLC has been organized with a combination of several media structures and structural subsidiaries.

The purpose is to create a unified media structure, to achieve operational, flexible, coordinated activities of media organizations included in this structure.

The Group includes Azeri-Press Agency (APA) LLC, Lent.az Information Agency LLC, Vesti.az Information Agency LLC, APASport.az Information Agency LLC, APA TV internet television and Kulis.az literature website.

The main activities of APA GROUP are information, advertising, communication, internet and provider services.

APA GROUP is managed by the Board of Directors.

As the first news company in Azerbaijan, the organization has certified its brands and trademarks in the State Committee for Standardization, Metrology and Patents and obtained relevant patents.

The company holds the quality and management certificate of the Global Certification Limited agency.

Code of Professional Conduct for APA GROUP EMPLOYEES

APA Information Agency

Azeri-Press Agency (APA) was founded in 2004.

It is an independent, private and well-known information agency in international arena.

In addition to important events in the world, the agency covers mainly Azerbaijan and the South Caucasus and provides on-line news services.

In addition to daily news, the agency provides video footage, bank rankings, weekly and monthly analyzes, forecasts, and a special photo bank.

The company has correspondent posts in the US, Turkey, England, France, Iran, Russia, Georgia, as well as in all regions of Azerbaijan.

The Agency publishes news in the Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages.

Analyzes are prepared and monitoring are conducted by a group of well-known political scientists and experts of the company at the request of prestigious research centres and the diplomatic corps.

Already known in the international arena and a source of reference for the world`s leading mass media, APA is one of the largest and most trusted media companies in the region.

According to the statistics of international ranking tables, APA is one of the most quoted and read news agencies of Azerbaijan. CNN, Al Jazeera, RIA-Novosti, Interfax, NTV Russia, Turkish, Iranian, Russian and Armenian mass media regularly used APA`s news, video and photos.

According to Google Analytics, there are more than 1mln. 620 thousand references to APA Agency. Merely, there are more than 45 thousand references to APA on popular Wikipedia source

Our Products


Along with the operative news service provided to users on its website, APA also serves to its subscribers. The agency prepares three bulletins in the Azerbaijani, Russian and English languages.

Along with the bulletin covering all news belonging to the agency, APA`s economic news bulletins, as well as an analysis bulletins are available.

Forecasts prepared by professional experts are used by many brain centre around the world.

In addition, the agency provides live links to its media partner subscribers and prompt and accurate delivery of information through its local and foreign offices.

Photo and video products

The agency also offers photos and videos shootings to users and subscribers.

The photos submitted by the agency`s professional photo reporters have repeatedly been successful on local and international competitions.

The agency also provides studio filming at the request of foreign and local media partners, preparation of interviews and reviews in video format, video and photo shooting from all regions of Azerbaijan.

APA Blog

The agency provides an opportunity for specialists and experts to be known, to get acquainted with the views of the media and diplomatic circles. Specialists and experts can place their permanent blog in the "APA Blog" section of the agency`s website. All the terms of cooperation within the blog are reflected on the site.



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