1.1 Accepting this agreement, user registers in platform (hereinafter), belonging to APA Group, and approves acceptance of terms

1.2 User must be sure accuracy of information, which is required during registration, must provide upload of documents to portal, if it is necessary, must present its original or confirmed copy, if it is required.

1.3 Platform keeps right of making an amendment on rules, termination of cooperation due to actions, which are contradictory to the rules, to refuse suggesting any service.

1.4 Platform provides informing members on the amendments, made on the rules.



2.1 Platform guarantees to protect private information of member, technical security, and privacy.

2.2 Platform is responsible for protection of private information of documents and user. Information can be provided in only exceptional cases on the basis of written permission or court decision.

2.3 User must not give his/her private information (password of his/her personal cabinet, login, etc.) to other persons and bears responsibility for it himself/herself.

3. Responsibility of the parties to the agreement (Terms of return and exchange, payment and cancellation procedure)

3.1 The platform is not responsible for the damage caused to the user due to the delay caused by non-submission of necessary and required documents to the platform, i.e. non-fulfillment of the user's obligations.

3.2 The user and platform must inform each other about reciprocal and unexpected changes. In case of force majeure, the parties have the right to terminate or suspend the contract in whole or in part.

3.3 Members of the platform are required to behave in accordance with ethical rules, it is not allowed to violate the requirements of the legislation. Such cases are basis for blocking and removing a member from the platform.

3.4 The user can only request the service that he chooses and pays for. Additional selection and payment are required for other services. Payment is implemented from the system online (via bank cards) and from “MilliOn” terminals through increasing the balance.

3.5 The platform makes a decision to publish articles or writings (press releases, blog posts, etc.) after checking compliance with generally accepted code of ethics. The user is informed about the inadmissibility of insulting, slanderous, criminal and prohibited information in the content. The platform returns the payment to the user's balance made for the content refused to broadcast.

3.6 The user is responsible for disrespecting the copyright of another. The platform advises the user to respect copyright and intellectual property rights. The parties may apply to the court if the disagreements of the parties are not resolved in the form of claim for disseminating articles written by someone else on one's own behalf.

3.7 If the user did not use the paid service, this is not a ground for refund.

3.8 The member has the right to apply to the platform regarding the dispute (legal, technical, internet use, etc).

3.9 Disputes only related to the platform are considered in the form of a claim until the trial within 30 working days, and the claim is sent by creating a request on the platform.