AZAL clarifies increase of air tickets to Turkish resorts

AZAL clarifies increase of air tickets to Turkish resorts
# 29 April 2011 09:29 (UTC +04:00)
AZAL’s spokesman Maharram Safarli says AZAL operates in competition situation with foreign air companies and tries to increase the financial effectiveness in international flights to repay the loans for purchase of modern techniques.

Thus, AZAL purchased 6 Airbus 320 aircrafts and modern Boeing 767 planes will be brought to Azerbaijan in May. Azerbaijan will purchase Boeing 787-Dreamliner aircrafts for the first time among the CIS countries and these planes will be exploited in 2014. These planes will implement flights to the far countries (America, South-Eastern Asia and etc.): “That’s why AZAL considers flights to Turkish resorts favourable from standpoint of finance”.

According to him, if we take consideration that the flights are implemented only in summer season, its increase is understandable. In other words, AZAL intends to increase the incomes for payment of expenses on purchasing of planes and other projects.

Another reason of price rise is related to incidents took place in the region, as well as political situation, advance in price of fuel and euro in world market. That is, tourist flow has strengthened to Turkey after the political situation became strained in Arabic countries. Besides, as a result of price boost of oil in world market, price of aviation fuel in Turkish airports: “Though a ton of fuel was $450-470 last year, at present, this price rose more than 2 times to $1000”.

Safarli said that all of these, especially increase of euro exchange rate caused rise of exchange rate and revenues in Turkish airports, and it also caused price boost of tickets: “Moreover, expenditures on ground service, flight meal rose too. Increase of service cost, fee and revenues has impacted on aviation industry and holiday business of Turkey”.

AZAL official reminded that by ICAO’s decision, plane tickets must be sold only with euro. And it caused price rise of tickets on the back of increase of euro exchange rate: “AZAL does not purposes to gain profit by using this situation. That is, ticket price in Antalya and Bodrum directions were €416 in 2010, now it costs €476, up €60 from a year ago”.

Note that, tourism companies say that flights to Antalya cost €310-320 not €416, these prices rose AZN 220.

AZAL especially noted that other companies also offered flights in this direction. That is, several Turkish companies organize flights to Baku through Istanbul, Adana and etc cities. But their price is more expensive.
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