UNESCO director general’s assistant: “Young people need special support” - PHOTOSESSION

UNESCO director general’s assistant: “Young people need special support” - PHOTOSESSION
# 02 May 2019 14:06 (UTC +04:00)

A panel discussion titled “Building Partnership for SDGs” was held in Baku within the 5th World Forum on Intercultural Dialogue, ONA reports.

Nada Al-Nashif, Assistant Director-General for Social and Human Sciences at UNESCO, said at the panel discussion that new conflict hotbeds are emerging in the world today.

N. Al-Nashif said youth today need special support.

“Special conditions should be created for young people to contribute to the communities they live in. At the same time, we need to explain to children the importance of cultural diversity at very early stages. Together we can overcome conflicts. An intellectual approach can help us in this.”

N. Al-Nashif also stressed the importance of creating educational opportunities for women.

Deputy Minister of Economy of Azerbaijan Sevinj Hasanova said that Azerbaijan has been working closely with the UN for a long time: "Azerbaijan 2020: Looking to the future" Development Concept has been prepared. The concept was put on open debate and the final document was brought into consideration taking into consideration the opinions and suggestions of stakeholders. "Azerbaijan 2020: Looking to the Future" Development Concept covers the main strategic goals of development policy in all spheres of the country's life. "

UNICEF Regional Advisor Aaron Greenberg noted that large investments are being made in early childhood development in the European Union and the United States: "It's just invested in pre-school education. Investments can be invested in different ways. As a result, violence against children does not occur. At present, violence against children in the world is being observed. There are cases when children are subjected to physical, psychological or sexual harassment. Violence against children should be eliminated. Sometimes my children touch my nerves. But we have to find ways to avoid violence against children without anxiety. "

Head of Sustainable Development Team in UNDP Istanbul Regional Hub George Buma pointed to the fact that economists have suggested different versions of social inequality: “However climate change, geographical factor, governance etc. are reasons which create social inequality. We should reveal the societies and communities where social inequality exists. More than half of the world's population is dissatisfied with public administration. Political systems and government should eliminate social inequality. ”

According to George Bouma, 1.6 billion people in the world are deprived of financial services.

The panel ended with discussions.