Media Institute to be established within Concept of Government Support to Mass Media

Media Institute to be established within Concept of Government Support to Mass Media
# 15 January 2008 11:30 (UTC +04:00)
He stated that the issue on the qualifying journalists has been set in the concept. Amashov noted that the directions of concept have already been determined and it will be discussed in paragraphs and accepted.
“Main directions of concept are improving legislative base of mass media, strengthening its material-technical base, improving situation in printing and airing, holding events on qualifying journalists, holding events on their social problems,” he said.
He stressed necessity of defining forms of state support for carrying out these measures. Council chief said that this work can be done in the form of allocating grants from several state funds, granting long-term and low-interest loan for strengthening development of media, distribution of the advertisements of official bodies among various media outlets.
“Support forms like giving special place to social advertisements, allotting grants for mass media in the regions where advertisement market has not yet been formed is possible,” he said.
Aflatun Amashov said that the cover of the documents will be composed of the two parts.
“The first part covers conception, the second actions plan. The issues in the conception will be clarified in the actions plan, mechanism of the support to mass media will be defined,” he said.
As to which body will control to the implementation of the conception, Mr. Amashov said that a group of specialists want that this task was commissioned to Press Council.
“But some of them want its being free organization,” he said. /APA/
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