Cahit Bagci: "This monument is an example of the closeness of our brotherly countries"

Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Cahit Bagci

© APA | Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Cahit Bagci

# 26 June 2022 14:02 (UTC +04:00)

"Azerbaijan-Turkey relations are based on unshakable fraternal relations based on the words of Mustafa Kemal Ataturk "Azerbaijan's joy is our joy, sorrow is our sorrow", national leader Heydar Aliyev's words "Azerbaijan-Turkey is one nation, two states". At the heart of this relationship is a historical garden," Turkish Ambassador to Azerbaijan Cahit Bagci, who is on a visit to Ganja, told APA's local bureau reports.

"The arrival of the commander of the Caucasian Islamic Army Nuru Pasha to Ganja on May 25, 1918, was greeted with great joy by the people of Ganja. Because, Nuru Pasha's first goal was to eliminate the threat in Ganja, disarm the enemies here, and ensure the security of the Azerbaijani population. These fraternal relations continue today. " According to him, the centuries-old brotherhood continues today. The ambassador stressed the erection of a monument in the center of the city to 13 soldiers of the Caucasus Islamic Army, who were heroically killed in the battles around the Shah Abbas Mosque in Ganja on June 11, 1918, is a great historical event for both countries.

I thank everyone who worked hard to erect this monument in the center of Ganja, where the soldiers were killed, the Ganja city administration, the Turkish Consulate in Ganja and businessmen. This monument is an example of the fact that our brotherly countries, which are one nation and two states, stand by each other both in good times and in bad times," said Ambassador Cahit Bagci.