Azerbaijan Democrat Party separated de-facto

Azerbaijan Democrat Party separated de-facto
# 19 February 2007 11:59 (UTC +04:00)
The chairman of the Supreme Assembly Akif Shahbazov said the members of the Supreme Assembly attended the meeting and there was a quorum. He said that the agenda includes the discussion of the decisions adopted on January 27 and the latest orders of ADP leader. ADP leader Rasul Guliyev joined the meeting through the phone. Rasul Guliyev said that he offered the opposition to change its strategy and tactics several times after the recent parliamentary elections and stressed the importance of fight for democracy. He asked the Supreme Assembly members to discuss his draft decision and take a stance on it.
“I hope we will attend the congress with this decision,� he said.
Rasul Guliyev again noted that the opposition has not changed its fighting methods. ADP leader regretted that some opposition parties denied holding national forum. He said that Azadliq alliance Chairmen Council, accepting Serdar Jalaloglu as representative interferences with the party’s activity. He called the alliance’s decision with regard to it “ridiculous�.
“They even did not make a statement, but a decision. This is ridiculous,� he said.
After Rasul Guliyev’s speech Deputy Chairman of the Supreme Assembly Yagub Abbasov read the leader’s letter.
Rasul Guliyev writes that some confuse the people, abusing the DAP members. He said that he does not accept their efforts to gain the power and they have no right to demand democracy from the government, while they do not observe democratic principles within the party.
“I deny the idea of holding separate talks for personal interests. This is disrespect towards the ADP and the people. It is not difficult to forecast what will happen if these people have the power. I regret that some ADP members make statements based on personal interests and ambitions. The right decision for now is to hold national forum. It is in chairman’s authority to establish cooperation with Azadliq alliance till the Congress. I offer to discuss region organization heads who don’t abide by Regulation and program refusing to participate in the Supreme Assembly meeting. This should be assessed by all means. The decision on necessity to hold a congress by April needs to be passed�, he said.
Then Supreme Assembly continued the discussion in closed conditions. At the end the January-27 decision on constructive cooperation with the government was abolished. Besides, Rasul Guliyev’s orders on dismissal of Serdar Jalaloglu and some other party leading figures and appointment of Akif Shahbazov ADP representative in Azadlig alliance were approved. The Supreme Committee set up an alternative Organizing Committee for Preparation to Congress composed of 17 persons, and decided to hold congress by April this year. Rasul Guliyev was announced a chairman and Akif Shahbasov a deputy of the Committee. Akif Shahbazov stated he is going to talk to alliance party leaderships of his appointment as a representative. Serdar Jalaloglu-led ADP part regards February-18 meeting of Supreme Assembly as illegitimate, Serdar Jalaloglu-led ADP part press service told APA.
A meeting under the name Supreme Assembly was held in Classic Azerbaijan Popular Front Party headquarters opposing the article 10 of the law on Political parties and ADP Regulation. The side stated that only 13 from 81 members of Supreme Assembly participated in the meeting.
“Former party chairman, member of Organizing Committee Resul Guliyev supported the meeting that serves to break the party. Dismissed Akif Shahbazov, Aydin Guliyev, resolved Nesimi district organization member Yasin Rustemov and resigned Perviz Bakhsheliyev attended the meeting�, the information says.
Committee member Aydin Guliyev told APA that Serdar’s statements are of no importance for him.
“The Supreme Assembly meeting was held well and there was a quorum. Two CCIC members may confirm participating in the meeting may confirm the fact�, he said. /APA/