Former Minister Ali Insanov’s trial set Feb. 22

Former Minister Ali Insanov’s trial set Feb. 22
# 15 February 2007 17:23 (UTC +04:00)
The sitting was presided over by Judge Faig Gasimov, APA’s correspondent in the court reports.
A lawyer to Ali Insanov Agaveyis Shahverdiyev’s solicitation on bring to an end to court investigation of accusations on coup d’etat and mass unrest and to send the materials to preliminary investigation.
Then Insanov’s lawyer Shahverdi asked the court to call the chief of State Committee on Management of State Property Karam Hasanov and former Economic Development Minister Farhad Aliyev to court and give testimony as case witnesses. On his other solicitation the lawyer asked to adopt the protocols drew up during the inspections conducted at Insanov’s house on October 20, 2005 as evidences. Commenting on the solicitation ex-minister Ali Insanov said that he faced false accusations.
“I faced false accusations. During the inspections conducted after my arrest no arguments have been found proving that I have embezzled state property during my 12-year ministerial period. I wasted my incomes from my inventions to financing New Azerbaijan Party. I ask you to complete the trial soon, I am tired of it,� he said.
The court did not allow the lawyer’s solicitation. Then Shahverdi asked to change arrest of the minister. The preparatory trail ended. Court review was set on February 22.
Insanov transferred generally 16 establishments to his son Vidadi Insanov, daughter Ayla Shtele (Aliyeva) and his nephew Anar Namazov.
The embezzled properties cost totally AZN 2 737 203 571 (app $ 3, 110b).
The tried former officials face charges of embezzlement, abuse of power and bribery. Public prosecutors are Kamran Aliyev and Chingiz Shukurov. /APA/