Russian envoy: In Poland's interest to prolong Ukraine conflict

Sergey Andreev, Russia

© APA | Sergey Andreev, Russia's ambassador to Warsaw,

# 30 May 2022 15:46 (UTC +04:00)

Sergey Andreev, Russia's ambassador to Warsaw, stated on Monday that Polish authorities are to blame for the prolonged conflict in Ukraine, together with the leaders of other Western countries, APA reports citing Teletrader.

In an interview for Rossiya-24 TV, the Russian diplomat said that "Poland, together with the US, together with Baltic countries, with the UK simply belongs to the category of NATO and EU countries which stake on prolonging the conflict, on depleting Russia's resources." According to Andreev, the Polish government is "taking advantage of other people's money," as it will be receiving a great share of the financial aid that the West will allocate for Ukraine.

Last month, Polish Government Press Secretary Piotr Muller announced Poland transferred military equipment worth 7 billion Polish zlotych ($1.6 billion) to Ukraine.

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