Azerbaijan sees reviving in cotton-growing sector - RESEARCH

Azerbaijan sees reviving in cotton-growing sector - <font color=red>RESEARCH</font>
# 31 March 2011 16:14 (UTC +04:00)
The enterprises engaging in cotton-growing have started to increase the “we buy” price of cotton. MKT Company has increased the price of cotton by 7% from 39 kopecks to 42 kopecks.

According to Yevlakh-Pambiq OJSC increase of cotton prices in the world market increased the interests of farmers in this sphere. As a result, the cotton areas increased by 53% from 400 ha to 613 ha, in Yevlakh. The cotton areas are expected to increase by 30% from 60 ha to 80 ha. IN Ujar, the cotton areas decreased from 700 ha to 600 ha.

MKT Company also confirmed that cotton areas have increased. According to company, the areas have increased by 19% to 20 000 ha.

In general, the laying-in of cotton in the country soared 17% to 37.3 thousand tons. Ministry of Agriculture says that, the cotton increases during past two years. Thus, the cotton areas reached 30 000 ha, in 2010. Contracts were signed on 41 000 ha cotton areas, in 2011.

At the same time, local establishments say that the purchase price from farmers is lower. Goychay-Pambiq OJSC says that increase of cotton price from 55 kopecks to 60 kopecks can increase the interests of farmers in this sphere.

Ministry of Agriculture is concerned over the current purchase price of cotton. According to department chief of the Ministry of Agriculture Sabir Valiyev, the cotton price in Azerbaijan could be useful for Azerbaijani farmers taking the prices in the world market into account. Ministry has applied to Cabinet of Ministers to achieve the increase of purchase prices of local companies.
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