Azerbaijani tourism companies refuse cooperation with Turkish Airlines

Azerbaijani tourism companies refuse cooperation with Turkish Airlines
# 12 February 2013 15:31 (UTC +04:00)

Local companies tell the clients that they don’t sell tickets of Turkish Airlines and offer them tickets of another air companies. This was caused by suspension of commission fee to local companies for ticket sale by Turkish Airlines. A decision on this was passed at the meeting of Azerbaijan tourism Association’s members.

ATA’s Executive Director Farid Mugimzadeh said that TA has suspended commission fee since December 1 and has not applied any stimulating mechanism, while Lufthansa and Austrian Airlines applied bonus programs.

So, Turkish Airline continues paying commission fees to Russian and Georgian tourism companies. In addition, according to some information, the commission fee for Russian companies has increased to 10% from 7% since 2013. This is assessed by local companies as discrimination and unfairness: “We want to know why it started in Azerbaijan? Because Turkish Airlines implements 4 flights from Baku to Turkey and its one reason is the support of local companies”.

Sale of TA’s tickets is nonproductive for local companies as a result of suspension of commission fees.

Besides, touroperators can not sell the tickets of TA even without commission fee. Consequently, if any passenger wants to purchase tour package, he/she must buy air ticket from Turkish Airlines.

Other dissatisfaction is that Turkish Airlines imposes fines on local companies for violations some times ago. Consequently, several companies were imposed fines of $6-10,000 for violations recorded in 200-2010. Besides, it does not fulfill the partnership liabilities.

Thus, as airlines doesn’t inform local tourism companies about discount campaign, they stay in bad condition in front of their own clients: ‘We sell ticket to client to Istanbul at simple prices, thereafter it became clear that Turkish Airlines started the discounts. And clients think that we tricked them’.

Letters of protest of tourism companies addressed to Baku office of Turkish Airlines has not been responded yet. Consequently, the companies directed their appeals to central office of the Company and ATA member companies decided to stop sale of Turkish Airlines’ tickets within 3 days. Local companies especially stated that they are dissatisfied with the activity of Baku office of the Company: ‘We don’t want cause the disruption of relations between tourism companies and Turkish Airlines just because of office head’s activity’.

Attempts of APA-Economics to contact Baku office of Turkish Airlines regarding this issue have failed.