North Cyprus becomes Antalya’s rival in Azerbaijan’s tourism market

North Cyprus becomes Antalya’s rival in Azerbaijan’s tourism market
# 27 April 2011 10:59 (UTC +04:00)
The flights will be implemented by 219-seat Airbus-319 on Tuesday and Friday. The plane will land in Adana for short-time and continue to fly. IN general, the plan will arrive in Ercan airport, capital of North Cyprus Lefkosia City.

According to representative of DMG Cyprus Company Bora Ozgen, North Cyprus offers more useful conditions on the background of going of tourist travel up to Turkey: “As the results of accidents in Egypt and Tunisia, whole world comes to Antalya. That’s why the prices in Turkey are very expensive. Besides, there are place problems in Antalya’s hotels. ”

According to organizers, the price in North Cyprus changes from AZN 600 (in 3-star ohtels) to AZN 900-1000 (5-star hotels).

The tourist travels to North Cyprus will be implemented by Millenium Turizm and NTravel companies, for the present. According to representative of Millenium Turizm Vugar Aliyev, North Cyprus can compete with Turkish resorts like Antalya, Bodrum, Marmaris.

Director of Northern Cyprus Restur agency rasmiya Janaltay noted that there were casinos as well: “There are enough casinos here. 15-20% of tourists came here only to play casino”.

Official of Northern Cyprus’ Tourism Ministry Shahp Ashipoglu said that there were ideal conditions for receiving Azerbaijani tourists: “Hotels, nature, cuisine and especially cost-effective prices. We believe that Azerbaijani tourists will appreciate it”.

Ministry official said there would be any problem related to flights: “Such flight was during Nowruz Holiday and it was implemented successfully. Besides, Northern Cyprus government gives additional discounts to tourism companies in order to attract tourists to the country. That is, the government gives €65 to Tourism Company per each tourist visiting the country, it reduce price of rest. When number of tourists passes the determined limit, those companies are freely advertising.

Note that, during first flight to Northern Cyprus, tourpockets will be presented with discount prices and make only AZN 400. The same tourpocket to Antalya in June costs AZN 600.
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