Iran violates Azerbaijan’s legislation in the center of Baku - PHOTO - VIDEO

Iran violates Azerbaijan’s legislation in the center of Baku - <font color=red>PHOTO - VIDEO</font>
# 31 January 2012 09:30 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Parvin Abbasov – APA. Azerbaijan’s legislation is violated by Iran in the center of Baku – Kazimzadeh street, apt.3. APA reports that some foreign citizens, including Seyyid Ali Akbar Ojagnejad, counselor for cultural affairs of the embassy of the Islamic Republic of Iran in Azerbaijan, violate the legislation by delivering khutbahs in the place known as Huseyniyye mosque. This place is under the Culture Center of Iran’s embassy in Azerbaijan. APA’s correspondent observed that though there is no mosque in Kazimzadeh street, actually it functions as a mosque controlled by Iranian citizens. The khutbahs delivered here threaten the Azerbaijani government.

Iranians, considered authorized representatives, did not permit APA’s correspondent to film, they advised to ask permission of Seyyid Ali Akbar Ojagnejad. But Seyyid Ali Akbar Ojagnejad did not give permission and refused to answer the journalist’s questions.

Answering the APA’s question, the State Committee of Azerbaijan on Work with Religious Associations said that “Huseyniyye” is located in a plot of land purchased on the basis of property right. “The State Committee on Work with Religious Associations sent a letter to the Iranian embassy’s counselor for cultural affairs Seyid Ali Akbar Ojagnejad on April 29, 2004 informing that it doesn’t oppose the use of place purchased by the Cultural Center on the basis of property right at 31, Kazimzade street, Baku by the citizens of the Islamic Republic of Iran as a place for praying. Despite that the letter postulated that an Azerbaijani citizen approved by the Caucasian Muslims Board should be appointed as imam or akhund to the mosque, the religious ceremonies in “Huseyniyye” is led by the Iranian citizen and Azerbaijani citizens were also provided with opportunities to pray there. Both facts contradict to the above-mentioned agreement and the country’s legislation. According to the article 21 of the law of Azerbaijan Republic on freedom of faith, Islamic ceremonies could be headed by the citizens of Azerbaijan Republic educated only in Azerbaijan.

The State Committee for Work with Religious Associations warned relevant organizations and persons regulating the activity of the “Huseyniyye” Namaz house and made remarks on the issue. The issue is under the control and relevant measures are continued”.

Press service of the Caucasian Muslims Board told APA that according to the current legislation, the Caucasian Muslims Board effectuates clerical appointments to the officially registered religious communities. “The above-mentioned community didn’t apply for the registration and therefore there was no appointment there”.

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