# 16 November 2007 09:48 (UTC +04:00)
“-Hello, this is APA.
-What’s this?”

This is how we started three years ago. Every time we were obliged to explain the name and abbreviation of the new agency appeared in Azerbaijani media market. We knew that it was a painstaking mission, that we started pretentiously and insistently.
But instead of this we had very limited opportunities.
We were only seven, four journalists just left the same newspaper and three students having no experience in media. We had only five computers, $200-camera and three-room rented office. On the other hand, there was serious irony at us. I don’t know whether irony may be serious or not. But I can say sincerely that ironic attitude towards us was too serious. Even the persons, with whom I was in friendly terms, did not dare to work with us. How will a woman, who was dismissed from the post of editor-in-chief of a newspaper, give salary? How will they get access to the media market, while there is an experienced agency? What are they doing here? Is it a project? How long will it stand? I heard all this, but ignored. I advised the folks to do so.
“Ignore this. Say ‘you are right’ and mind your own business…”
We worked to justify ourselves. Our first edition consisted of nine news articles. I remember, three newspapers first published our news articles: “Sharg”, “Baki Kheber” and “Express”. “You will soon repent”, “Is there a need?” I remember all remarks, ironies … All of them…
But we started. So we succeeded. We grew from 7 to 86. Now our office is the office of a normal company, and our technique is qualified. We issue editions (newsletters) three times a day in Azerbaijani Russian and English every day except Sunday. Once those who are our subscribers at present had irony at us …they are our subscribers one by one…. APA is the first media outlet in the South Caucasus to launch online news footage. APA-Sport is the first sport agency in Azerbaijan. We established separate economic and photo agency. Each of them in Azerbaijani, Russian and English… We also first launched credit card service in the main portal. We interviewed famous leaders of the region and world, chiefs of international organizations, and we cooperate with a great number of the leading media outlets of the region and world, established correspondent posts, local offices covering the whole world. We turned three letters to sign, brand. We established brand named APA. We issue 400-450 news articles three times a day. We forgot nobody. We opened the doors for those who criticized us. Our pen wrote about all and… So we mark our 3rd anniversary. Pursuing unbiased, precise and independent information policy we expanded and grew. We did not change our position and preserved it.
We only tried for one brand. All forgot our signs, our name, and called us APA. We established APA so, preserved and loved it….

-Hello, APA?
-I am calling…..

We managed to reach success!

P.S. This is not report, this is present for APA for its birthday