Some architects discontent with Azerbaijan Architects’ Union

Some architects discontent with Azerbaijan Architects’ Union
# 14 February 2007 16:35 (UTC +04:00)
Press conference on the activity of “Architecture, Construction and Design� Public Union was held, APA reports.
The chairman of the union honored architect Sabir Orujov stated that public union began operating in 2003. He said that the union aims to develop architecture, construction and design and to reach world standards.
“We plan to implement a number of projects in order to solve some problems in the field. Public organizations, companies and individuals joining the union during its 3-year activity have worked out various projects in foreign countries. Happenings in architecture and construction in Baku made us create this union to be of some help to the state and society in this field�, he said.
He said architectural style has been spoiled in Azerbaijan and especially in Baku.
“There should be a general plan to follow the architectural style. The general plan of Baku was considered up to 2005. A new one hasn’t been approved yet. State leadership has begun discussing the issue. But the main problem is Baku Mayor’s Office is responsible to control right architectural style�, he noted.
Prof. Fegan Aliyev also highly appreciated the union. He said the construction of over12-storeyed buildings is very dangerous.
“Baku is situated in the earthquake and landslide zone. Architectural style in Inner City Architectural Preserve has been spoiled as well. We have come together to solve the problem�, he said.
Fegan Aliyev expressed his discontent of the activity of Azerbaijan Architects Union.
“Azerbaijan Architects Union could hold congress if it operated right. They are so passive that they haven’t erected monument of famous architecture Mikayil Huseynov�, he said.
Architucture and Construction University dean Khalil Jafarov stated that Public Union will play an important role in solution of enumerated problems. It was impossible to learn the opinion of Azerbaijan Architects Union. /APA/