Azerbaijani MP: Azerbaijan, unlike Iran, not cooperated with terrorist organizations or invaders

 Bahruz Maharramov, MP of Azerbaijani Parliament

© APA |  Bahruz Maharramov, MP of Azerbaijani Parliament

# 06 April 2023 00:45 (UTC +04:00)

"In the history of our independence, we have remained true to our highest intentions, cooperating and partnering not with terrorist organizations and groups, invaders and aggressors, but with healthy international subjects for the mutual interests of our peoples and states," said Bahruz Maharramov, MP of Azerbaijani Parliament (Milli Majlis), APA reports.

The deputy noted that Azerbaijan, being loyal to universal values, has declared its highest intention to live in friendly, peaceful and tranquil conditions with all the peoples of the world and to cooperate with this goal.

"In this sense, when it comes to choosing our partners, Tehran, which allocates 20-30 billion dollars per year on terror plans, has neither the legal nor moral right to guide us. Now, as for the silly speculations in the parliament's statement that they will take certain steps, let them do what they can, see what they can do, or see if there will be an Islamic community that will side with them?" said the Azerbaijani MP.