Former Health Minister Ali Insanov’s trial starts

Former Health Minister Ali Insanov’s trial starts
# 15 February 2007 13:00 (UTC +04:00)
Public prosecutors are Kamran Aliyev and Chingiz Shukurov.
The defendants- former chief of Health Ministry pharmacology and medical equipment department Akif Maharramov, officers of the department Eldar Rzayev, Haji Aliyev, Shovgi Jafarov, former chief of the Ministry’s international relations department Aleksandr Umnyashkin, former chief of the medical service department Vekil Abbasov, other officers of the ministry Fakhraddin Abbasov, Parviz Kazimov, Anar Namazov and Fuad Mahmudov are in the courtroom. Except the ex-minister, all other accused are released on bail.
The accusation says that Ali Insanov during his ministerial post from November 9, 1993 till October 20, 2005, abused his position and contradicting the legislative rules privatized establishments of individuals and legal entities, as well as medical establishments of state property. He organized a group composed of Fakhraddin Abbasov, Parviz Kazimov and others to realize his plans. Ex-minister abused his power and falsified the documents on existence of technical conditions of the establishments and industrial importance of their usage. And sometimes he created legal and actual basis to privatize the establishments.
The accusation act notes that Ali Insanov embezzled great amount of state properties. Ali Insanov has transferred three hospitals, four polyclinics, one clinics, one institute, one center and drug-store, five enterprises and land areas of the institutions, generally 16 establishments to his son Vidadi Insanov, daughter Ayla Shtele (Aliyeva) and his nephew Anar Namazov.
The embezzled properties cost totally AZN 2 737 203 571 (app $ 3, 110b).
Lawyer for Aleksandr Umnyashkin Isakhan Ashurov protested against the composition of the court. The lawyer said that the tenure of the judges of the court ended in 2005 and they are not independent. The court staff took break to discuss the protest.
After the meeting the court staff noted that Ashurov’s solicitation is dismissed.
Then a lawyer for ex-minister Ali Insanov Sabir Nadiroglu solicited on not consideration of civil cases and shooting the trial. But his solicitation was dismissed. Then the lawyer solicited again.
“The accusations against Ali Insanov on mass unrest and coup d’etat have been separated. If his attempts to coup d’etat and mass unrest have not been proved, it should be brought to an end. The lawyer asked to send the materials to the preliminary investigation for consideration. Ali Insanov commented on lawyer’s solicitation and asked to allow the solicitation.
“I want to clarify some issues that I am concerned about. I am political prisoner and no-one can deny it. It will be evident for every-one at the end of the legal procedure. I do not understand the cause of keeping me in jail for 16months. They have added some items on economic crimes to the accusations on mass unrest and coup d’etat. The person investigating my case says that my attempts in coup d’etat and mass unrest have proved, but after a year these accusations separate from other one. I have no relationship with Rasul Guliyev since 1996. I have never had anything in common with him. Recently Prosecutor General told me that the investigation on coup d’etat will be completed in April. It proves that I am a victim of political games. I am still detained in solitary confinement. I am Azerbaijani citizen and I ask to help me,� Insanov said.
The trial will be continued in the second half of the day.
The accusations on coup d’etat and mass unrest were separated on January 19. The tried former officials face charges of embezzlement, abuse of power and bribery./APA/