Azerbaijan and Argentina to cooperate in agricultural sector - PHOTOSESSION

 Azerbaijan and Argentina to cooperate in agricultural sector   - <span style="color: red;">PHOTOSESSION
# 27 November 2012 11:29 (UTC +04:00)

Argentinean minister said during recent years Argentina achieved significant successes in application of high-tech in agriculture: ‘We can share our experience with Azerbaijan. Plan of cooperation covering the period by 2020 has been developed between the two countries’.

Yauhar noted that as a result of the cooperation between the two countries, it would be possible to produce products not only for these countries, but also other world countries. As it is known, the number of world population will increase by 1 bn in the next 30 years and consequently, demand for food will rise, too’.

‘Argentina will collaborate with Azerbaijan especially in cattle-breeding sphere. We are ready to help Azerbaijan in breeding of beef-producing animals. At the same time, we intend to increase the quality and productivity of products, produced under application of high-technologies in husbandry. Argentina can do more with Azerbaijan in this area. In order to start cooperation, the experts of both countries must study each other’s experience in this sphere within the next 2-3 months’, added Argentinean minister.

In turn, Abasov expressed that large-scale farms, planned to establish in the country, would be used for this cooperation, as well: ‘Azerbaijan can cooperate with Argentina in one of these farms’.

The minister noted that special cattle can be brought to the country within the framework if this cooperation. But first of all, some technical issues must e solved in this regard. Cooperation in cattle-breeding demands organization of mutual visits of businessmen and holding of discussions.