Azerbaijan plans to build a canal from the Maiden Tower reservoir on the Araz River

Maiden Tower water reservoir

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# 23 June 2021 14:01 (UTC +04:00)

“The enemy planted mines in the areas and this is a serious threat source,” said chairman of the Commission, which was established in order to ensure efficient use of the water resources, improve the management of the water economy and coordinate the activity in this field, Deputy Prime minister Shahin Mustafayev who is on a visit in Aghdam today, APA’s local bureau reports.

Sh. Mustafayev noted the development of agriculture in the liberated territories is one of the key directions:

“In this regard, the provision of irrigation water is a priority. We will take additional measures in this regard. The construction of the new canal is being reviewed. For example, the Maiden Tower water reservoir was built on the Araz river.

According to the agreement signed with the Islamic Republic of Iran, 50% share of both Khudafarin and Maiden Tower water reservoir belongs to Azerbaijan since 2016.
Azerbaijan has the right to build a new water canal from the Maiden Tower reservoir and take 50 cubic meters of water per second from the reservoir. This issue will also be reviewed. We will start to project work to use these opportunities to provide irrigation.”

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