Books on coup propagated at trainings of some Azerbaijani NGOs

Books on coup propagated at trainings of some Azerbaijani NGOs
# 02 April 2013 16:45 (UTC +04:00)

APA TV has conducted a study together with the Institution's partners in Azerbaijan and found out that "From Dictatorship to Democracy" was translated into Azerbaijani at the request of Yokh Movement in February, 2005.
Yokh movement was founded by APFP deputy chairman for foreign affairs Razi Nurullayev in February, 2005.
"From Dictatorship to Democracy" section on peaceful struggle methods mentions the following techniques: pursuit of officials, close relations with soldiers, topless protests, night guard, religious movements, secret protests etc.
The abovementioned books are designated more for social activists, political activists and journalists. Some terms and their explanation are widely covered in the book. It is noted that using these terms journalists should accurately describe the character of the situation and create impression on the citizens that the situation is fearful.
Reading "198 Methods of Nonviolent Action" one can not say that these methods are nonviolent...
"Democratic changes" section covers bloodless coup, boycotting political and social cooperation with the authorities, civil disobedience, mass strikes, rebels etc.
Famous Wikileaks documents also contain a lot of information about this institution. They show that "hegemony institution" has become one of the major players of the special scheme realized in the US since 60-70s "make other states dependent". Basing on the books and strategic plan prepared by this institution large funds were allocated to humanitarian foundations for "democratic development", in other words for zombieness, after the "unpleasant factor was eliminated" in that country, the funds were cut or stopped.
The studies found out that the main financial source of the Albert Einstein Foundation in the recent years has been the National Democratic Institute and NED.

The Wikileaks documents also noted that these institution is collaborating with Freedom House and the International Republican Institute. At present, the main partner of the Albert Einstein Institution is CANVAS (Center for Applied NonViolent Action and Strategies) established in Serbia, where it once prepared a revolution.
This organization was reportedly the main organizer of the revolutions in Georgia, Ukraine and the Arab countries, translated their propaganda materials into various languages and collaborated with the representatives of local civil institutions.

According to the recent information of Wikileaks in February this year, Azerbaijan is among the countries, where CANVAS is currently functioning. At present, this organization is cooperating with Freedom House, the United States Institute of Peace, the International Republican Institute and Soros Foundation.

The documents also underline that the recent activity of CANVAS is successful for the US and “plays a good role” in the implementation of the “tactical instructions” of Washington.