Taleh Heydarov: “Hitherto unknown maps of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic have been found”

Taleh Heydarov: “Hitherto unknown maps of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic have been found”
# 02 April 2013 22:17 (UTC +04:00)

Baku-APA. “We are now collecting various foreign maps related to Azerbaijan for the period up to AD. These materials will be published in a book and promoted all over the world. The publication will be available in the Azerbaijani and English languages, if necessary, the book will be translated into other languages”, president of The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) Taleh Heydarov said in an interview with the New Baku Post, APA reports.

Tale Heydarov noted that those maps had been obtained from the world’s famous archives: “These are the archives of Russia, France, Iran, UK, the Arab States and the countries of Central Asia. There are maps that have been revealed for the first time. For example, Armenians always claim that Karabakh was a part of the so-called “Great Armenia” in the first five centuries AD. We have found out maps that completely refute their claims,” he said.

TEAS president said there are maps showing that these territories were a part of the ancient Caucasian Albania: "Hitherto unknown maps of the Azerbaijan Democratic Republic have been found. They show that not only Karabakh, Zengezur, but also other territories belong to us. Medieval maps related to the period of Aggoyunlu, Garagoyunlu have also been found,” he said.

Tale Heydarov noted that along with Russian archives, Azerbaijan-related historical materials are also available in the archives of Turkey.

“There are many documents in the Ottoman archives that have not previously been studied by Azerbaijani historians. We have found a lot of maps there and assume that there are even more maps than we think. We have also found more maps in France and UK than we expected. In 1918 the British were in Azerbaijan and seized the historical documents that were once delivered from India and other foreign countries. There are also findings dating back to the Safavid period,” he said.

Tale Heydarov also expressed intention to increase the circulation and frequency of publication of the “Vision of Azerbaijan” magazine founded by The European Azerbaijan Society. In addition, TEAS is going to present the book about Azerbaijan written by a famous British researcher.

“The new office of the European Azerbaijan Society will be opened in Istanbul at the end of May. We also organize an economic forum in Istanbul, it will be attended by most important representatives of Turkey. We are their partners in this conference organized by the famous Economist magazine.

“At the end of the year, we will implement a program on the promotion of the Azerbaijani culture in Istanbul. We have planned a lot of events. Up to now, we have achieved the adoption of a lot of resolutions on Nagorno Karabakh conflict. Statements supporting Azerbaijan have been made on the issue of Khojaly airport, these activities will be continued. Statements regarding Ramil Safarov case have also been made, their number will grow. There will be more statements and resolutions on Karabakh.”

Tale Heydarov also supported the newspaper’s anti-smoking campaign.

“I do not smoke. I believe that bad habits should be avoided. First of all, it is harmful to health, second, it is senseless and third, it is useless,” he said.

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