Two dead, ten injured in car bomb attack in Turkey’s Izmir - UPDATED

Two dead, ten injured in car bomb attack in Turkey’s Izmir - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED
# 05 January 2017 15:26 (UTC +04:00)

A police officer and a court worker died in the car bomb blast which took place near the courthouse in the Turkish city of Izmir on Thursday at 16:00 local time (17:00 Baku time).

At least ten people were injured in the explosion, local newspaper Milliyet reported.

Meanwhile, details have emerged of the attack.

Two cars driven by terrorists tried to enter the parking space outside the courthouse but were stopped by the police. Then the terrorists detonated one of the cars and entered into a shootout with the police. One of the terrorists was killed at the scene and the other was shot dead 150 meters away. The manhunt is underway for another militant who managed to escape.



A car bomb attack in the western Turkish province of Ä°zmir near the courthouse on Thursday left at least seven people wounded.

The explosion occurred at Door C, where only judges and prosecutors’ cars are permitted to be parked, NTV channel reported.

Following the exlosion, two militants then entered into an armed clash with police. Both of the militants were killed. Another militant managed to escape. A manhunt is underway for the suspect.



Two car bombs exploded near a courthouse in the western Turkish city of Izmir, local broadcaster NTV channel reported.

A number of ambulances and firefighter vehicles were dispatched to the scene.

Injuries have been reported.