13 university graduates employed by Veyseloglu Group of Companies (VGC)-PHOTO-VIDEO

13 university graduates employed by Veyseloglu Group of Companies (VGC)

© APA | 13 university graduates employed by Veyseloglu Group of Companies (VGC)

# 10 January 2022 12:27 (UTC +04:00)

University graduates and young aspiring professionals have completed “First Step with Veyseloglu” (“Veysəloğlu ilə İlk Addım” - “VİA”) internship programme with employment offered to them within the Group’s various businesses, APA-Economics reports citing the company.

This is already the third such programme undertaken by Veyseloglu Group of Companies. The aim of the ‘VIA’ is to assist university graduates with their professional and personal development. 142 graduates applied to take part in this internship programme, with 13 most successful contestants chosen based on their academic performance and scores, as well as professional interviews conducted .

In the course of internship, participants had had a chance to get to know VGC’s various businesses (Veyseloglu Distribution, Araz and Oba supermarket chains, Ulduz chocolate factory, AVT Logistics and "Xonca" food manufacturing production centre"). They have also had a chance to benefit from VGC’s professional development and learning facility with access to a sizable library.

The internship programme, which entailed learning, gaining experience and understanding the firm’s corporate values and mission, has been running for five months. The programme participants have earned their first ever salaries as part of this internship. At the end of the programme, they were all offered full-time employment in VGC’s various companies.

Please see the highlights from the closing ceremony of the “First Step with Veyseloglu” Project: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bRpGoqjdoBg

Veyseloglu Group of Companies (VGC) is a progressive and multi-faceted FMCG group that encompasses various areas of the supply chain, from production, to distribution, to logistics, to direct interaction with customers through its supermarket chains. VGC genuinely believes that sustainable business models and constant innovation to ensure efficiency are not just trendy subjects for presentations and public discourse, but rather the only viable way for economic growth. Its companies have people and consumers at the heart of their business philosophy.

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