Mutual accusations continue in ADP

Mutual accusations continue in ADP
# 21 February 2007 16:38 (UTC +04:00)
“We have proved that the meeting held by Resul Guliyev’s supporters cannot be legally called General Assembly. We have published the list of participants and only 20 ex-members of the Assembly attended the meeting�, Serdar Jalaloglu told APA.
He said Resul’s supporters have understood that they lost the struggle, but they continue their political show.
“Let them release their list as we did. They managed to gather only 45 people together in the headquarters of Classical Popular Front Party. We have facts, pictures and video records. We’ll prove through the court that they held a false meeting. They know it and that’s why they are anxious. They want to go the regions to gather signatures�, he noted.
According to the report by the press service of Serdar’s leading ADP part, the chairman rebuked Organizing Committee members at the meeting yesterday.
“Resul Guliyev called it a shame that only 40 people participated in the meeting. He gave a week to prepare a list of participants and release to the press. Group members connected their failure with their preferring Aydin Guliyev and Akif Shahbazov�, the report says.
Resul Guliyev’s leading Organizing Committee member Zemine Dunyamaliyeva refuted the report.
“Resul Guliyev only gave some advice by the phone. Resul Guliyev has been reproaching Serdar since 1998 but the second didn’t change�, she underscored.
As to the list she said it was prepared in the meeting day and it is not a problem to release it.
“We met Serdar before the Assembly meeting and suggested to take joint steps for keeping the party unity. But he said “do as you want, I just need 5 persons�. If he doesn’t believe that the participants were Assembly members, we can present the list to him. We can also present a video record if he has a doubt in the list�, she stated. /APA/