Parliament discusses natural disaster in Azerbaijan

Parliament discusses natural disaster in Azerbaijan
# 25 May 2010 10:53 (UTC +04:00)
MP Jamil Hasanli said 28 May Republic Day will be soon marked in Azerbaijan. He noted the importance of perpetuating the names of the founders of Azerbaijan Democratic Republic.

MP Gulhuseyn Ahmadov said some media outlets released false reports about the overflow of the Kur and Araz rivers. He said such reports aim to confuse people.

MP Igbal Agazadeh expressed his discontent with the hearing on the terror attack at Azerbaijan State Oil Academy.
“According to media reports, the Armenian, who is said to have ordered the attack, is in Georgia, no measures are being taken about him. The real perpetrators of the terror attack are free, while several poor persons have been arrested,” he said.

MP Ali Ahmadov said the elections held in Azerbaijan’s Nagorno Karabakh region by the separatist regime caused the failure of the Armenians. He said the international organizations, including OSCE Minsk Group do not recognize the elections.
“Such elections will be held unless the conflict is solved. We must try to ensure the international law,” he said.

Parliament member Nasib Nasibli said that it was wrong to seek for cause of Kura flood only in nature. To him, though ground water level has raised for several years, no measure have been taken due to it.

Speaker Ogtay Asadov said that water flow of Kura river was 1500 cubic meters per second in its most tumultuous period. But recently this number is 2500 cubic meters per second: “The state does its best. Such incident happens in the whole world. Floods took place in Poland too”.

Thereat, Penah Huseyn stood up and accused Asadov of not knowing this sphere: “Do you know what the weight of water is? Do not speak about things that you don’t know”.

Deputy Rustam Khalilov said that human losses had been prevented as a result of taken measures in the disaster area: “Until now only one person died. The state does big works for prevention the disaster”.

But Penah Huseyn said the situation was bad in the flood territory. To him, this issue should be included in agenda and appropriate measures should be taken in connection with it: “Investigation commission must be created. The level of Kura has fallen. But flood is continuing. Currently, the entire Sabirabad is a disaster area. Head of Salyan Region Executive Power Aliagha Huseynov created discipline in Salyan. Such works should be done. Sabirabad must be announced as disaster zone”.

Speaker took stance on the issue once more: “The situation is analyzed seriously. The water must pass through one way. There is no need for serious anxiety”.