Azerbaijan is a model for religious liberty in the world, US-published Jewish journal writes

Azerbaijan is a model for religious liberty in the world, US-published Jewish journal writes
# 11 January 2008 11:27 (UTC +04:00)
The article writes that unlike other countries Jews are represented in the highest level in Azerbaijan.
“Maybe 12,000 in a population of 8 million -- their presence is known and acknowledged, especially that of the Jews of Quba,” the author writes.
Gabriel Lerner notes that Jewish cemetery in Quba is very clean and Jews live in splendid houses. The author met with Yevda Abramov, the Jewish member of the Azerbaijani Parliament.
"Our rabbi, butcher, mohel, chazzan -- all were educated in Israel." Yevda Abramov said.
According to Abramov, his country is a model for religious liberty in the world, "especially compared to Armenia," he emphasizes, where "there are not even 10 Jewish families today."
If there is a war between Armenia and Azerbaijan," Abramov says, "many Jews will die. In the war for Karabakh, the first fallen hero was Jewish Albert Aqarunov.
Yevda Abramov took the American journalist to a "recently discovered mass grave" - the remains of hundreds of Azeris slaughtered by Armenians in 1918 in Quba.
Israeli ambassador to Azerbaijan Arthur Lenk also said that Azerbaijan serves as an example to Muslims states.
“Their relationship with Israel, in business, energy and regional interests, is a compelling example of tolerance and coexistence. They are an important partner of Israel; here, we buy one-sixth of our oil." Arthur Lenk says.
In his article Gabriel Lerner also presented his interviews with Nazim Ibrahimov, chief of State Committee on Work with Azerbaijanis Living Abroad and Hidayat Orujov, chief of State Committee for Religious Affairs. The journalist touches on Nagorno Karabakh conflict and writes that one million Azerbaijanis have been displaced as a result of Armenian aggression.
This is the second article about Azerbaijan published in Los Angeles Jewish Journal the circulation of which is 150,000. The first article was the interview with Azerbaijani Consul General to Los Angeles Elin Suleymanov. /APA/
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