Iran cuts gas flow to Turkey amid record surge in domestic use

Iran cuts gas flow to Turkey amid record surge in domestic use
# 21 January 2022 14:55 (UTC +04:00)

The National Iranian Gas Company (NIGC) has reduced its supply of natural gas to Turkey over technical problems amid reports suggesting that freezing temperatures have caused a record surge in domestic use of gas in Iran, APA reports citing Presstv.

Turkey’s state-run energy company BOTAS said in a Thursday statement that gas imports from Iran had reduced to a third of the daily supply normally provided by the NIGC as the company promised it would do its bests to minimize the impacts of the cut on its customers in Turkey.

There was no comment from NIGC authorities on the reported cut to gas supplies to Turkey.

However, the Oil Ministry’s news service Shana had said in a report on Wednesday that household gas consumption in Iran reached a record daily high of over 620 million cubic meters on January 18 as the country reported freezing temperatures of minus 28 centigrade in some mountainous regions.

The average temperature in the capital Tehran was set to hit minus six degrees centigrade early on Friday.

Reports in the Turkish media said that Iran’s NIGC had promised to restore normal gas supplies to BOTAS within 10 days.

However, government authorities in Ankara ordered cuts to gas use in power plants by up to 40% and by 60% in large industrial or commercial units unless gas is used for heating.

Turkey relies for 16% of its gas demand on Iran while a bulk of its gas imports takes place from Russia and Azerbaijan.

Iran has been faced with a rapidly increasing demand for natural gas in recent years as the country has connected many of its fuel-burning power plants to the national gas pipeline network.