Detectives find how Bhutto killed in Pakistan

Detectives find how Bhutto killed in Pakistan
# 08 February 2008 08:17 (UTC +04:00)
Detectives from Scotland Yard were asked by Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf to help investigate.Pakistani authorities say Ms Bhutto died due to the impact of a suicide bomb blast. But her family and political party say she was shot dead.
Officials said on Thursday that they had made two arrests over the murder.
The New York Times newspaper reported on Friday that the British investigation would back up the Pakistani version of events - that Bhutto died from head injuries sustained because of the bomb blast.
The newspaper cited "officials who have been briefed on the inquiry".
But there was no confirmation of the story, and British and Pakistani authorities said they would not comment on the claims until the findings had been released.
Pakistani officials said they had detained two "suspected terrorists" over Bhutto’s murder.
Last month, police said they had arrested a teenage boy who confessed to being part of a team instructed to kill the opposition leader.
The unnamed 15-year-old was arrested in Pakistan’s North West Frontier Province along with a more senior militant, officials say.
But Pakistani newspapers said investigators are treating the boy’s claims with caution.
The boy had named a local militia commander, Baitullah Mehsud, as being behind the assassination, officials say.
Mr Mehsud has already been accused by the Pakistani authorities but denies any involvement.
The director of the US Central Intelligence Agency has also accused Mr Mehsud of ordering the assassination. /APA/