Turkey extended hand to Armenia, but it did not find a response – Erdogan

Turkey extended hand to Armenia, but it did not find a response – Erdogan
# 11 February 2015 08:15 (UTC +04:00)

Baku – APA. As part of his official visit to Colombia, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan addressed the symposium titled "1915: the longest year of the Ottoman Empire" organized by Turkey's Ankara University and Externado University in Bogota.

Erdogan said that the 1st World War should be thoroughly analyzed for the correct explanation of the world politics.

“The current borders of many countries were defined after the 1st World War. The Palestinian issue, the problems in Iraq, Syria, Yemen, the Caucasus and Balkans emerged as a result of the 1st World War and have been lasting for 100 years. The Ottoman Empire, as Turkey was called 100 years ago, was one of the countries in the center of the 1st World War. The Caucasus and Balkans were a geography that was under the influence of the Ottoman Empire 100 years ago,” the president noted.

Erdogan recalled that southern and western parts of the Ottoman Empire were occupied after the 1st World War, noting this history was written not by the historians, but by the great powers.

“We think that the history should be written by historians. The 1915 events were also written by the great powers. What Armenians did against Turks and what Turks did against Armenians 100 years ago was not properly discussed. We have opened all archives. The number of historical documents investigated exceeds a million. Armenia and the other third countries must also disclose their archives. Let us remove the 1915 events from the area of politics and refer to science and scientists. Taking political decisions in parliaments and giving the truth to the lie, it is impossible to write history correctly,” president Erdogan underlined.

Erdogan said the Armenian diaspora conducts campaign against Turkey regarding the 100th anniversary of the 1915 events.

“Turkey doesn’t aim at conducting propaganda. We have always heartily wanted the 1915 events to be investigated and described truly. We have extended hand to Armenia. We have made an effort to open a new page. Unfortunately, our peace hand has always been rejected by the influence of Armenian diaspora", he said.

Reminding that Turkey has sent invitation to the Armenian government to attend the events regarding the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Canakkale, the Turkish president called the opposite side’s response disrespectful. “We wanted them to arrive in Canakkale on April 24 and feel the atmosphere. However, they prevented peace and dialogue through their impolite statements,” Erdogan completed.