US State Department commented on Armenia's possible participation in Russia's evasion of sanctions

US State Department commented on Armenia
# 21 April 2023 11:06 (UTC +04:00)

US State Department has commented on Armenia's possible participation in Russia's evasion of sanctions, State Department told APA.
The State Department noted that after Russia’s baseless and illegal attack on Ukraine in 2014, the US together with its allies and partners (including the EU) imposed significant sanctions on Russia. These include sanctions resulting from the Countering America's Adversaries Through Sanctions Act (CAATSA), which became law in 2017.
“After Russia launched another brutal war of aggression against Ukraine in February 2022, the US, together with our allies and partners, carried out unprecedented economic pressure measures, since after the Second World War. These sanctions, export control, tariffs, and other measures limit Russia’s opportunities to wage effective modern war and decrease Russia’s financial resources.
Several governments including the countries in the South Caucasus, have committed to complying with international sanctions and export controls and we will continue to work with those governments, private companies, and financial institutions to ensure compliance with sanctions against Russia,” it said.