Azerbaijani Ambassador responded to Armenian PM at Paris Peace Forum

Leyla Abdullayeva, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to France

© APA | Leyla Abdullayeva, Ambassador of Azerbaijan to France

# 10 November 2023 23:12 (UTC +04:00)

Azerbaijan's Ambassador to France Leyla Abdullayeva responded to Armenian Prime Minister Pashinyan and to the moderator who addressed biased questions to the parties regarding Azerbaijan at the panel discussion held within the framework of the Paris Peace Forum, APA reports.

Nikol Pashinyan blamed the Azerbaijani side for the failure of the five-lateral meeting in Granada during the panel discussion in which he participated together with his Georgian counterpart Irakli Garibashvili and said that Azerbaijan refused the earlier agreed meeting.

Leyla Abdullayeva, a listener in the discussion, first drew attention to the bias of the moderator's questions.

Leyla Abdullayeva later responded to Nikol Pashinyan's accusations: "I think the position of the President of Azerbaijan regarding the meeting in Granada has been clearly stated. A day before the meeting in Granada, the French foreign minister visited Armenia and announced the decision to send weapons to Armenia. Was this decision to arm Armenia and support the revanchist ideology in the country really for the purpose of serving peace and normalization in the region? On one hand, France intended to participate as a mediator. So the country that openly takes the side of a country and openly arms it then claims itself a mediator. On the other hand, the leaders refused the participation of the President of Türkiye. These explanations were clearly expressed by Azerbaijan."

Leyla Abdullayeva's speech was met with applause from the audience in the hall. Although Nikol Pashinyan took the microphone to answer the Azerbaijani ambassador, he did not respond to the arguments and changed the topic and said that Azerbaijan calls Armenia Western Azerbaijan.