YAP Youth Association starts action on 20th anniversary of the occupation of Shusha city by Armenian military units

YAP Youth Association starts action on 20th anniversary of the occupation of Shusha city by Armenian military units
# 26 April 2012 16:34 (UTC +04:00)
Baku. Parvin Abbasov – APA. The New Azerbaijan Party’s (YAP) Youth Association started a new action due to the 20th anniversary of the occupation of Shusha city by Armenian military units. YAP Youth Association told APA that the appeal prepared in English language within the action will be sent via e-mail to MPs, officials from the foreign countries, international organizations and separate representations of these organizations,

The appeal of YAP Youth Association on the 20th anniversary of occupation of Shusha city by Armenian armed forces informs about Shusha and its occupation.

“We are addressing to You as the representatives of the youth of the country, 20% of territories of which are under the occupation, one million of citizens are deprived from their homes and thousand of people became martyrs. Our goal is inform you on the bitter truth of the recent history.
20 years ago ancient Azerbaijani land of Garabagh had a pearl – city of Shusha. This city was the homeland of art of mugham - globally preserved as national heritage, cradle of Garabagh carpets and culture. Museums of Shusha had precious items of the world history from the Stone Age, the libraries had pearls of the world literature, forts preserved the heroic history of Azerbaijani people.
Cultural capital of our country, the city of Shusha, was destroyed 20 years ago before the eye of the world community. Armenian military forces that violated the territorial integrity of our country, launched an inhuman attack on the residents of Shusha on May 8, 1992. Historic monuments were demolished, museum, libraries were burnt down, statues were shot down as if they were human beings. The most ancient cultural center of the Caucasus became the victim of the Armenian vandalism. Hundreds of peaceful citizens of Shusha were killed, wounded, captured and taken hostage.
It is 20 years that the cradle of Azerbaijan’s culture, the city of Shusha is under the occupation of the Armenian military. Unfortunately, the negotiations aimed at the peaceful resolution of Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict under the patronage of the OSCE Minsk Group produced no result so far.
As the time passes, Shusha and other occupied lands around that are under control of the Armenian aggressors are subject to ruthless exploitation and destruction. Armenians are using these territories for illegal arms and drugs trade. As a result, the occupied lands represent a threat not only for the country itself and the region, but also a source of big threat to the reservation of peace and stability in the entire world.
As a young person, we are addressing to You using as the basis the decisions and resolutions on Armenia-Azerbaijan, Nagorno Karabakh conflict adopted by the UN, CoE, EU, ICO and other prestigious organizations, as well as the norms and principles of the international law.
We believe, you will also say your strong word of support for the soonest liberation of the undividable part of our motherland Nagorno Karabakh and the city of Shusha from the occupation of the Armenian military forces. We hope you will also do your best for soonest resolution of this conflict and for the sake of return of thousands of people to their own lands.
We, the New Azerbaijan Party Youth Association rely on You and cherish a hope for the soonest triumph of justice” – the appeal reads.