Divergence of opinions rising between Armenian Diaspora and official Yerevan

Divergence of opinions rising between Armenian Diaspora and official Yerevan
# 04 February 2010 20:45 (UTC +04:00)
Baku – APA. Armenian Diaspora, who has been strongly supporting Armenia since the declaration of its independence, seems to back off after the protocols signed with Turkey.

Armenia has always had loyal support of the Armenian Diaspora, one of the strongest diasporas in the world, since 1991, when the Republic dropped out of Soviet Union. Moral and financial support by the Diaspora is of great importance for Armenia, shaken by war, earthquakes, trade embargos and political clashes.

According to APA, Armenian author Ruzan Akopyan, in his article for “Business Week” magazine mentions that relations between Armenians living in Armenia and Diaspora Armenians have taken a turn for the worse. As he points out, the main reason causing relations to worsen is shifting of priorities by both sides.

Although Armenian Diaspora gives a great importance to the recognition of Armenian genocide of 1915, it’s not deeply involved in the domestic issues of Armenia. Country’s intellectuals call the Armenian Diaspora groups to criticize Yerevan to step up its efforts in achieving progress of democracy, human rights in the Republic.

Analysts say the main reason why the Armenian Diaspora doesn’t criticize official Yerevan is the close relations of leading US Diaspora organizations with “Dashnaksutun Party” who was leading the government in Armenia.

Expert on diaspora issues, Richard Kirakosyan said it would be cooperation with enemy if it criticized the official Yerevan. However, the Armenian Diaspora had no way but to react when the rapprochement of Armenia and Turkey was put on agenda last year.

Those who criticized the protocols protested against the establishment of historic-research commission to be involved in issues related to “1915” and the clauses of the protocol on recognition of current borders by Turkey, calling it inadmissible. Besides the organized rallies and hunger demonstrations, there were also people who demanded Serj Sarkiyan’s resignation.

Armenian Diaspora declared that Armenia gave in due to the “diplomatic and propagandist attack” by West and Russia.

Ara Khachaturyan, in his article for the Armenian newspaper “Asbarez”, notes that Armenia made this step wishing to be hailed by US, Turkey and Russia.

Chairman of Armenian “Qnchak” party’s US wing, Hambik Sarafyan also stressed that protocols signed between Armenia and Turkey would disaffect relations with Armenian Diaspora and build a wall of distrust.

Note that, Armenian Diaspora has launched its broad financial support to Armenia. “All Armenian” fund collected 15,9 million dollars in a campaign, held every year in California for Armenia. The amount of money was twice as big in 2008.
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