London hosts a conference entitled Security in the Caucasus: Enhancing Co-operation with Security Architectures

London hosts a conference entitled Security in the Caucasus: Enhancing Co-operation with Security Architectures
# 19 September 2009 09:14 (UTC +04:00)
This signalled the forging of a progressive partnership between The European Azerbaijan Society (TEAS) and Whitehall-based RUSI, the foremost international military science institute.

TEAS said in a statement that the combined power of these two bodies is destined to create a new space for dialogue in the Caucasus region.

Attracting over 60 delegates, including ministers, Lords, MPs, Ambassadors and observers, the event was particularly momentous as all key regional stakeholders were present, including those from Azerbaijan, Armenia, Russia, Ukraine and Georgia. There were also representatives from Sweden, Finland, Norway, the EU and the USA, in addition to experts from the private sector.

Discussions covered all elements of the security environment, focusing on Nagorno-Karabakh and other ongoing conflicts. Delegates also highlighted aspects of energy and energy security. It was refreshing to see all sides present, and their willingness to make open and robust representations.

The event began with an evening reception on 16 September at RUSI, hosted by the Azerbaijan Embassy, being attended by leading UK government officials and H.E. Ambassador Fakhraddin Gurbanov of Azerbaijan. This enchanting evening gave all sides an opportunity to meet in a convivial atmosphere.

TEAS and RUSI truly captured the urgency and spirit of all factions who are striving towards reconciliation. Discussion areas included the Caucasus security environment, European security interests, Regional dynamics and Energy security, particularly concentrating on the Nabucco pipeline project. The TEAS Chairman also delivered a speech outlining his vision and the role of the TEAS-RUSI partnership.

The meeting came at a particularly important juncture for Azerbaijan. The Nagorno-Karabakh problem is currently tabled for discussion at the 64th UN General Assembly and is receiving greater attention since the inauguration of the Obama Administration.

It is undeniable that the event provided all representatives with a great deal of information, enhancing awareness and indicating the viability of achieving resolution in the region. This event, hosted by TEAS and RUSI, represented a new space that will facilitate a positive path.