Twelve injured on third day of Spain's bull running event

Twelve injured on third day of Spain
# 10 July 2016 00:31 (UTC +04:00)

Baku-APA. Twelve people were injured and taken to hospital, among whom two were gored by bulls and one knocked unconscious, on the third day of bulls running in the Spanish city of Pamplona on Saturday, according to the organizer, APA reports quoting Xinhua.

The slippery road linking the holding pens for the bulls to the Pamplona bullring, which is about 900 meters in length, and the large number of participants on weekend, made Saturday's bull running more dangerous.

A main danger of Saturday's event occurred when one of the six bulls became detached from the other five and began to attack runners following behind, rather than continue its headlong chase with its companions.

Nine people were taken to hospital on Friday, while five were hospitalized on Thursday, the first day of the eight-day bull running celebration.

The San Fermin fiesta was made famous by American writer Ernest Hemingway in his 1926 novel The Sun also Rises. During the celebration, the population of Pamplona swells from around 250,000 to one million due to an influx of tourists.

San Fermin, held in honor of the patron saint of Pamplona, is not just about bulls running. It also contains hundreds of artistic and cultural events.