Erdogan calls those accusing Turkey of backing IS ‘scoundrels’

Erdogan calls those accusing Turkey of backing IS ‘scoundrels’
# 11 May 2016 13:30 (UTC +04:00)

He made the remarks at the 10th Conference of chiefs of General Staff of the Balkan countries in Ankara.

According to the president, other countries left Turkey alone in the fight against IS taking no step and not sharing intelligence data.

He noted it was Turkey that inflicted the biggest blow to IS.

“How can Turkey support IS? We know who owns the weapons in the hands of IS terrorists. Stability can’t be achieved in the region, unless this problem is completely solved. We would take the necessary steps to prevent other side of our borders to become a shelter for terrorist organization,” Erdogan added.

Turkey’s president mentioned that the Syrian issue has become a global threat for a long time.

“Unfortunately, today we see that international organizations have drawn no lesson from the bitter experience of the 1990s. The developments in the region, especially in our neighbor Syria are the manifestation of it. Despite the death of nearly 600,000 people, no necessary steps have been taken. There is no promising progress in Iraq, Yemen, Ukraine issues. The problem of migration is alarming”, Erdogan stressed.

Note that Russia accuses Turkey of supporting IS.

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