Estonia is prepared to stop importing Russian gas "within this year," foreign minister says

Eva-Maria Liimets Foreign Minister

© APA | Eva-Maria Liimets Foreign Minister

# 07 April 2022 22:50 (UTC +04:00)

Estonia wants to end its reliance on Russian gas "within this year," said Eva-Maria Liimets, Foreign Minister, Thursday, APA reports citing CNN.

The images of civilian killings from Bucha had “changed public opinion in our societies and because of that, we go quickly forward with these decisions to end financial flows to Russia," Liimets said.

The Foreign Minister said it was “unfortunate” to see the European Union had paid €35 billion for Russian energy since the start of the war, calling it “unproportionally big” compared to the financial support given to Ukraine.

The government said Thursday that it made a decision in principle that Estonia would stop importing Russian gas this year.

Estonian Ministry of Economic Affairs and Communications announced earlier today that Estonia and Finland had agreed to a joint leasing of a floating LNG terminal, guaranteeing a supply for both countries without relying on Russia.

“The supply of natural gas to both Estonia and Finland is highly reliant on Russia, and given the uncertain times we are facing, that means we have to cover our backs and make preparations to do without Russian gas altogether,” Estonian Minister of Economic Affairs and Infrastructure Taavi Aas said in a statement.

Highlighting the need for such an agreement, the statement said “almost half a year’s consumption would not be covered if the supply lines were cut.”

The floating terminal is planned to be in place by the fall.