Britain to increase Ukraine support to £2.5bn, Rishi Sunak announces

Britain to increase Ukraine support to £2.5bn, Rishi Sunak announces
# 12 January 2024 11:12 (UTC +04:00)

The UK will give Ukraine a further £2.5bn in military support, Rishi Sunak has said - Britain's largest annual commitment, APA reports citing BBC.

The PM made the announcement during a rare visit to Ukraine, where he will also sign a new agreement supporting Ukraine's long-term security.

Officials said the package will provide Ukraine with long-range missiles, air defence and artillery shells.

Some £200m will be spent on drones, most of which will be UK-made.

Officials said the military package - for the next financial year beginning in April - would result in the largest delivery of drones to Ukraine by any country.

Significantly, the prime minister has decided not to make a financial commitment lasting several years.

Some ministers and senior military figures had argued privately this would send a stronger signal to Moscow of Britain's long-term support.

Instead, Mr Sunak has chosen to spend £200m more than the last two years, when the UK's annual military commitment to Ukraine was worth £2.3bn.

Downing Street said the package of support would form the first step in what it called "an unshakeable hundred-year partnership between Ukraine and the UK".

It will also include £18bn for humanitarian aid, help fortifying Ukraine's energy infrastructure and more funding for online English language training.

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