Abdulhaluk Cay: Holding our congress in Baku is Christmas for the entire Turkic world – exclusive

Abdulhaluk Cay: Holding our congress in Baku is Christmas for the entire Turkic world –<font color=red> exclusive </font>
# 06 November 2007 10:49 (UTC +04:00)
- What decisions are expected to be made during the 11th Friendship, Brotherhood, and Cooperation Congress of Turkic States and Communities in Baku?
- Proposals of the congress participants will be important for us. Opinion of all Turkish government agencies concerning the Turkic world was studied at the congress held in Antalya. We could gather the materials of the congress in three big volumes. Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev offered in Antalya to hold the 11th congress in Baku, and kept promise. 10 congresses had been held in Turkey before, financial situation of the other Turkic states could not afford holding great meetings at that time. Economic situation has changed, holding the congress in Baku is Christmas for the entire Turkic world. I hope we will hold congresses in other countries as well and take important steps to realize the philosophy of Turkish parliamentarian Ismayil Gaspirali “Unity in words, opinion, and deed”.
- Summit of Turkic heads of states was held in Antalya two months after Antalya congress – on November 17. But Uzbekistan did not participate in the summit and Turkmenistan sent its ambassador to the event. Do you plan to take concrete steps to change the situation regarding Central Asia?
-Naturally, summits have political sides. Some offences make several states to take such negative steps. But they should discuss the problems and eliminate misunderstandings. Anatolia Congress was our new step. I believe that Baku Congress will eliminate these misunderstandings.
-No Turkish Republic except Azerbaijan reacted when US Congress Lower Chamber Foreign Affairs Committee passed bill on the so-called Armenian genocide….
-All Turkish world should be informed about these issues. Only Turkey realizes occupation of Azerbaijani lands by Armenians. Armenia is the enemy of both Turkey and Azerbaijan in the geography of Caucasus and Eastern Anatolia at present. We and Azerbaijan realize it. But we should also explain it to Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan. Or Cyprus issue… Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev realized our problem and took historical step. Only the two countries Azerbaijan and Turkey are able to act jointly. “Armenian issue” will be debated largely in Baku congress. Taking into account that Azerbaijan, Iran and Anatolia Turks live in close geography, we will debate native Turkish to be common language in this geography. It is inevitable to create joint Turkish as Russian in Eurasian geography. /APA/