Rahib Mammadov’s brother: “I call on all citizens of Dmanisi to be vigilant, not to succumb to any provocation, triggering appeals”

Rahib Mammadov

© APA | Rahib Mammadov's brother Sahib Mammadov

# 17 May 2021 17:32 (UTC +04:00)

Sahib Mammadov, brother of Azerbaijani soldier Rahib Mammadov, who saved 28 people at the expense of his life during floods in Chaladidi village of Khobi district of Georgia, densely settled by Svans, in 1987 and awarded Order of “Red Star” after his death, has commented on the incident in Dmanisi, S. Mammadov told APA.

S. Mammadov said that exaggerating a small domestic incident that erupted in Dmanisi, giving it a political tone and presenting it as an ethnic confrontation can only be the work of those who are jealous of the kind neighborhood, strategic partnership relations between Azerbaijani and Georgian people.

“I call on all residents of Dmanisi region to be vigilant, not follow any provocation, provocative calls. Relevant bodies of Georgia have already commented on the issue and stated that they have begun researches. I am sure that the issue is under control, all necessary measures will be conducted in order to punish perpetrators.

My brother’s life story showed that how strong friendly relations have between the Georgian and Azerbaijani peoples. The boy, who was born in the village on the day of the Rahib’s death, was named Rahib Chanturia in honor of his heroism”.

S. Mammadov noted that today, we can say a lot of facts presenting the friendship of Azerbaijani and Georgian peoples: “Leadership of both countries do their best in order to further strengthen of these relations. We backed each other in difficult times, there are high-level relations between our countries, and maintaining these relationships is the duty of each of us”.