Armenia's ruling party demands Speaker of Parliament Simonyan's resignation-Media

speaker of Armenian Parliament Alen Simonyan

© APA | speaker of Armenian Parliament Alen Simonyan

# 06 February 2024 13:40 (UTC +04:00)

Armenia's "Civil Contract" political party has demanded from Prime Minister Nikol Pashinian the resignation of the speaker of the parliament Alen Simonyan, APA reports citing "Zhoghovurd" newspaper.

According to the newspaper, the Civil Contract party believes that Simonyan and his entourage have been at the center of the scandals multiple times, but have gone unpunished. In their opinions, since it harms the team's ranking, this atmosphere of impunity must be ended.

The party highlighted the issue of the 23.3 million dram debt of "Freenews" TV channel managed by Simonyan's wife, as well as the arrest of Simonyan's brother's wife Anya Gevorgyain for relating to the abuses in the Ministry of Economy.

Another concern was the fact that Simonyan spat at the face of a citizen in April 2023 and was unpunished despite the harsh public complaints. Now supporters of Pashinyan say that Simonyan must be punished.