Traffic movement restricted in one of main avenue of Baku - PHOTO

Traffic movement restricted in one of main avenue of Baku - <span style="color: red;">PHOTO
# 26 July 2013 03:54 (UTC +04:00)

The traffic movement in Tbilisi Avenue, from the "January 20" circle in the direction of city, has been restricted and directed, in connection with putting asphalt paving on a road near administrative building of the Transport Ministry.

In order to avoid traffic jams and road accidents car owners are advised to use alternative roads. In particular, those who are passing through the city of Sumgayit, it is recommended to move the road Novkhani-Binaqadi, and then go in the direction of Azadlig Avenue and in other areas.

Those who drive past the office building of the International Bus Station, have to move along the third ring road in the district Badamdar direction. Cars, following the highway Baku-Sumgait, must pass in the direction of Khojasan, and more - on the Baku-Salyan highway. From the circle, "January 20," can drive through the streets and Sherifzade, Hasan bey Zardabi towards the square "Gelebe," and from there, passing by the administrative building of the Ministry of Transport on the street Salamzadeh, go to Tbilisi Ave.

In addition, the movement is also limited by the tunnel and on the next in the part of the bridge in the direction of Sumgait circle "January 20." From the circle, "January 20" as on Tbilisi Avenue, and on the bridge, traffic is limited to the intersection with the street Salamzadeh.