Increase in basic part of pensions to cover over 1.209 mln pensioners in Azerbaijan - UPDATED II

Increase in basic part of pensions to cover over 1.209 mln pensioners in Azerbaijan - <span style="color: red;">UPDATED II
# 28 August 2013 10:10 (UTC +04:00)

The number of persons, who receive extras for employment history stands at 63,431.

Chairman of Azerbaijan State Social Protection Fund Salim Muslumov says increase in pensions of pensioners, who receive 100% of basic part will make AZN 15. This figure will be higher in some categories: ‘Pensioners, who receive 120% of basic part, will get AZN 19.5 growth, those, who receive 200% of basic part – AZN 31.5.

According to the order, basic of pensions of family members of national heroes will be increased by AZN 30 and make AZN 200. At the same time, basic of pensions of members of Martyrs' families will be increased by AZN 27.75 and reach AZN 185.

Chairman of SSPF also noted that basic of pensions of war participants, who have served in the fighting army, as well as military servicemen, who fulfilled their military service duty in the country conducting military operations will be increased by AZN 16.5.

‘Basic of pensions of the Great Patriotic War will be increased by AZN 28.5; I group GPW invalids (439 persons) – by AZN 37.5; II group GPW invalids (574 persons) – AZN 31.5; III group GPW invalids (32) – AZN 28.5. The amount of monthly increase will make AZN 18.3. So, the Fund will spend additional AZN 73.2 mln to 1,209,135 people within 4 months’, Muslumov said.

Pensions on military personnel and special-ranking persons equated to them will be recalculated through the increase of average counting rate of their salaries. The number of such persons is 29,516. Muslumov said that this process is about to end: ‘Monthly growth of their pensions will make AZN 943,000. Their pensions will be increased by 105 on average’.

He noted that there is no problem for financing of the mentioned increase. Approximately AZN 73.2 mln extra funds are demanded till the year-end.

Note that, yesterday, Azerbaijani President Ilham Aliyev has issued an order on increase of basic part of labor pensions. From September 1, the amount of base part will make AZN 100 in accordance with the age. The State Social Protection Fund has been tasked to provide recalculation of monthly amounts on all type of labor pensions, including additions to basic part of pensions of National Heroes, members of Martyrs' families, disabled and other persons. At present, basic part of labor pensions makes AZN 85.

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