Doctor: "Serious measures should be taken to prevent the spread of Delta strain in Azerbaijan"

Nuran Abdullayev

© APA | Nuran Abdullayev

# 29 June 2021 10:00 (UTC +04:00)

A new strain of coronavirus called Delta Plus (B.1.617.2.1), first recorded in the Indian state of Maharashtra, continues to spread rapidly. The World Health Organization (WHO) said at a briefing a few days ago that the Delta coronavirus strain has been registered in 92 countries. According to the organization, some vaccines are less effective against the rapidly spreading Delta variant. The registration of this strain in neighboring Georgia has become a real threat to our country, said Management Union of Medical Territorial Units (TABIB) as a response to APA's query on June 24.

The "Indian strain" (Delta) has not been officially registered in Azerbaijan so far.

Chairman German-Azerbaijani Radiology and Neuroradiology Society, doctor of medical sciences at the University of Cologne Clinic, Azerbaijani scientist Nuran Abdullayev told APA that serious preventive measures should be taken for prevention of mass spread of Delta strain of coronavirus in Azerbaijan.

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