Azerbaijan disassembles illegal buildings of so-called "parliament" and "Warriors who liberated Artsakh" union in Khankandi -PHOTO-VIDEO

Azerbaijan disassembles illegal buildings of so-called "parliament" and "Warriors who liberated Artsakh" union in Khankandi -PHOTO -VIDEO
# 05 March 2024 16:49 (UTC +04:00)

The illegal building which were built during the occupation period in Azerbaijan’s Khankandi city are getting disassembled, APA’s correspondent from Khankandi reports.

According to the information, the building of the so-called "parliament" and the building of the union "Warriors who liberated Artsakh" (also called the Union of Volunteers of the Republic of Armenia (YERKRAP)) are among such illegal buildings.

The demolition of illegal buildings in Khankendi caused unnecessary noise in Armenia. Armenians are trying to politicize the demolition of these buildings, as well as other illegal structures, as if they are trying to present it as erasing the Armenian heritage.

But all these claims are unfounded.

The master plan of Khankandi city was approved by the leadership of the Great Leader Heydar Aliyev during the time of the USSR, extensive construction works were carried out in the city by the Azerbaijan SSR.

After Armenia's occupation of Garabagh, unnecessary construction works were carried out in Khankendi, and buildings that did not conform to the city's master plan were built.

As for the "parliament" building of the so-called institution and the "YERKRAP" building, both buildings are considered to be the place where plans for invasion and genocide against Azerbaijan were prepared and executed.

The opening of the building of the so-called "Artsakh Parliament" took place on September 2, 2007, the 16th anniversary of the declaration of the separatist regime. Speaker of the Armenian Parliament Tigran Torosyan also participated in the ceremony.

Facts were published in the press that a large amount of food was allowed during the construction of the building. According to the figures heard in the meetings of the so-called "parliament", 586 thousand US dollars were allocated for the construction of the building in 2006, but these funds were not enough, so in 2007 an additional 985 thousand US dollars were allocated. However, additional funds were received from unnamed sponsors to complete the construction of the building.

The "Parliament" building functioned as a terrorist nest where plans were made for the occupation of Azerbaijani territories, massacres and genocide against innocent people, and where decisions were made.

The building of the Union of "Warriors who liberated Arsakh" (Volunteers' Union of the Republic of Armenia (YERKRAP)) was three-story, and when viewed from above, the building resembled the sign of the cross.

The opening of the building built in the central square of Khankendi took place on May 9, 2013. Armenian President Serzh Sagsyan and the head of the so-called regime Bako Sagsyan took part in the opening.

The opening of the building is scheduled for May 9, the next anniversary of the occupation of Shusha (although Shusha was occupied on May 8, 1992, Armenians celebrated that day on May 9). The opening took place within the framework of "holiday events" organized in Khankendi on this occasion.

The support of the "Ministry of Defense" of the Bina separatist regime and the charity fund of one of the richest representatives of the Armenian diaspora, Levon Ayrapetyan, who was arrested in Russia for financial fraud in 2014 and died in prison, VALLEX-group, which made a large amount of "investment" in the occupied territories, and Moscow, It was built with the sponsorship of representatives of the Armenian diaspora in the cities of Stavropol.

It is known that "YERKRAP" operated as a group of terrorists and directly participated in the killing of thousands of Azerbaijanis during the conflict.

As it is clear from its purpose, only stupid people can think of looking for something unusual in the demolition of these illegal buildings, which have become a symbol of Armenian fascism and Armenian occupation.

In addition, as mentioned, during the occupation, illegal buildings outside the master plan were built in Khankendi. Illegal constructions are prevented anywhere in Azerbaijan.

It is worth reminding that during the occupation, the junta regime started to build a "parliament building" in Shusha. However, the liberation of Shusha from occupation during the 44-day Patriotic War left the construction of the building unfinished and the Armenians' dream in sight.

President, Supreme Commander-in-Chief Ilham Aliyev stated in his speech after the liberation of Shusha that during the occupation, Armenians started building a building here to move the "parliament" of the so-called "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic" to the city of Shusha:: “However, the glorious Azerbaijani Army thwarted this intention of the enemy. Shusha was liberated from occupation on November 8, 2020. The construction of the "parliament" building of the so-called regime was left unfinished. The so-called regime declared that it would move the "parliament" of the "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic" to the city of Shusha. Thus, another attempt had to be made to Armenianize the city of Shusha. See, they started building this building as the "parliament" building of the "Nagorno-Karabakh Republic". But they could not deliver. We came, the owners of this land came, drove them out of here, and thus their dirty deeds did not come to pass.”

Later, that building was also demolished because it was being built illegally. A hotel building was built in its place and put into use.

All this shows that Armenians, Armenia should withdraw its eyes from other people's land and give up its territorial claims once and for all. It is up to Azerbaijan what decision it makes and what step it takes in its territory. And the Armenians only make themselves ridiculous with their unreasonable claims.