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Elkhan Pashayev, a renowned entrepreneur in the fashion industry in Azerbaijan, the founder and creator of many modeling projects, and the director of Best Model of Azerbaijan

© APA | Elkhan Pashayev, a renowned entrepreneur in the fashion industry in Azerbaijan, the founder and creator of many modeling projects, and the director of Best Model of Azerbaijan

# 13 June 2024 12:45 (UTC +04:00)

Elkhan Pashayev, a renowned entrepreneur in the fashion industry in Azerbaijan, the founder and creator of many modeling projects, and the director of Best Model of Azerbaijan, has recently came to the agenda with new statements.

Elkhan Pashayev announced that he is currently working on new projects and promised to once again attract widespread attention.

«My involvement in the fashion industry began when I started my modeling career 9 years ago. The most important thing for me in this field is to master it in its entirety down to the smallest details, to execute everything professionally in accordance with global standards. Undoubtedly, protecting the national and spiritual values of our country in the projects we work on is also one of our main goals. We are working on making our projects more professionally organized based on standards. Currently, we are in the initial stage of selection for Best Model of Azerbaijan 2024. Intensive work is being done in this direction. Most likely, the selection will take place in the summer, the opening will be in September, and the grand finale will be in December.

As you also know, Azerbaijan will host COP29 this year. Within the framework of this project, I would very much like to participate in introducing foreign guests to Azerbaijan in all spheres. In this regard, it is in my plans to organize a showcase of Azerbaijani national clothing and patterns reflecting our national ornaments, as well as the works of our national designers. I am currently working on this project. I hope that both projects will be realized as we envision and thus set the agenda.

Recently, the fashion expert has also given advice to those wishing to make a mark in this field.

“In our country, there are sufficient conditions for the development of both small and large businesses. As for our industry, we always support the organization of such projects in a manner befitting our country, and I have adhered to this ideology in my work. I feel disappointed when I see a number of unsuccessful and weak projects that I've encountered in this field. Perhaps in the failure of such projects, inexperience plays a role. I want to advise them to improve themselves. When I entered this industry, I didn't receive support from anyone, so I believe that anyone can achieve something if they work on their potential. Every small detail should be based on professionalism.

The fashion phenomenon also stated that he does not see any competitors in his field at all.

"When I took my first steps in this field, the goal I set for myself was to become the author of the best work that could be done in the fashion industry in the country. Naturally, I have done enough work to develop this field. These include modeling schools, the implementation of various projects in this field, educating young enthusiasts, advising them on choosing a direction and other issues. I will continue to do this with the same enthusiasm as before. At present, I do not see any competitors in the fashion industry. At least, the success I have achieved as the director of the most prestigious and popular project in the country, Best Model of Azerbaijan, gives me a reason to say so. Not to mention other areas. I even believe that in various fields, there is no second such large, prestigious organization, no second such person who would love his job and do his job professionally as I do".

Elkhan Pashayev noted that it was not easy to gain his current status and he sacrificed a lot.

“I graduated from the National Aviation Academy with honors and worked for 5 years at Azerbaijan Airlines as a leading marketing specialist. I sacrificed my profession for the sake of this field that I love. My current sphere of activity has changed many things in my life. I built my career for direct communication with people, cooperation with major companies to take certain steps for Azerbaijan, and so on, and I absolutely do not regret it. I am 31 years old, and by this age, I have achieved various successes in my beloved field and managed to turn the name Elkhan Pashayev into a brand. I believe I will achieve even greater success in the future. I deserve it, and I believe in it..

Elkhan Pashayev stated that he will once again assert himself as the director of the Best Model of Azerbaijan project, emphasizing the significant importance of this project for the country.

"The best ones are always subject to discussion, and that's normal. The Best Model of Azerbaijan project is the most discussed, recognized, and the only contest ensuring participation at the international level. From an organizational standpoint, this project has the greatest organizational potential. In 2021, we held very large finals at the Olympic Stadium, in 2022 at the Crystal Hall, and in 2023 at the Flame Towers, which set the agenda and caused a resonance in the country. Our project is quite interesting in terms of audience appeal and also attracts the attention of major companies. Domestic and foreign designers consistently speak highly of the project every year. The presence of Azerbaijan's name in the project has a completely different and significant meaning for me. Regarding this year's project, I want to say that I wish for a worthy representative to be selected, and I promise that we will do everything possible to conduct the opening ceremony, press conference, and final according to international standards. I believe that, like in previous years, we will once again be in the spotlight and leave our mark".

The professional fashion expert also touched upon the discussions on social media surrounding the winners of Best Model of Azerbaijan. He noted that while he agrees that there can be differences in tastes, in this field, the opinion of professionals does not always align with that of the audience.

"The fashion industry is such that clothing, style, conversational speech, and other similar topics are always open to discussion. Anyone can express their critical opinions on these matters. While tastes may differ, it's important not to forget that the main issue here is professional standards. We also operate in accordance with these standards. Since I became the director of Best Model of Azerbaijan, we have achieved results that brought Azerbaijan first and second places in the world, followed by third and fourth places. These are quite significant achievements. Indeed, tastes are not up for debate, but we also strive to consider the tastes and views of everyone".

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