GUAM Secretary General congratulates Azerbaijani President

Altai Efendiev, Secretary General of Organization for Democracy and Economic Development - GUAM

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# 11 November 2023 15:12 (UTC +04:00)

Secretary General of Organization for Democracy and Economic Development - GUAM Altai Efendiev has adressed a letter of congratulation to President of the Republic of Azerbaijan Ilham Aliyev on the occasion of Victory Day of Azerbaijan, APA reports.

The letter reads:

"Your Excellency,

Allow me, on behalf of the International Secretariat of the ODED-GUAM, and on my behalf, to extend to You and, in your person, the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan, our most sincere congratulations on Victory Day.

The historic victory of the glorious armed forces of the Republic of Azerbaijan under your leadership in the 44-day war in the autumn of 2020 was a decisive turning point in the process of the liberation of the territories of Azerbaijan that remained under decades-long illegal occupation. This victory laid the solid foundation for the complete liberation and restoration of territorial integrity and sovereignty over the whole territory of the Republic after the fulminant anti-terrorist operation of September 19, 2023.

Thus, the long-cherished dream of the people of Azerbaijan of a "Grand return" finally turned into a reality, opening a new era in the history of the country and the nation. We wish every success to your tenacious and tireless efforts in the rehabilitation and reconstruction of the liberated territories and the return of the refugees and IDPs to their native lands.

We view the acievements of Azerbaijan not only as a celebration of justice and affirmation of international law but also as a triumph of solid national unity and strong leadership built around the great national idea.

We also believe that the great Victory and the restorationn of the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan within the internationally recognized borders can be turning moment in the process of developing regional peace, stability and cooperation. And as a regional organization, we stand ready to support and contribute to those goals.

Your Ecxellency,

On this historic occasion, we we wish you further achievements and new victories in the process of nation-building, strengthening, and development of the country, uplifting the welfare of the people of the Republic of Azerbaijan! We wish the people of Azerbaijan peace, progress, and prosperity!"