Turkish Development Minister: “The development of Azerbaijan is the development of Turkey” - INTERVIEW

Turkish Development Minister: “The development of Azerbaijan is the development of Turkey” - <font color=red>INTERVIEW</font>
# 30 September 2011 11:22 (UTC +04:00)
- Turkey imports 63% of natural gas from Russia. Contrary to creation of monopoly by Gazprom in the European market, the EU takes some measures. The Gazprom office in Germany has already been investigated. Does Turkey think of to act together with the EU in order to decrease energy dependence from Russia and reduce price of natural gas purchased from Gazprom?

- As to our common policy in energy market, I can say that we want to return to local sources as possible, produce nuclear energy. From the beginning we support to import energy carriers from different sources, not from the one. All the countries prefer to act in such a way

- It was a useful step to become State Planning Organization into the Ministry of Development. Because as a country developing rapidly, Turkey needs long-term programs…

- We developed 12-years development plan. Our target is 2013. Turkey will continue with long-term programs and plans. We link the long-term programs with short and mid-term action plans. There is no any country, firm, and person without plan. Of course, our steps are not like former planning and we must not confuse our new plans with former plans. This is not central soviet planning. This is a participant and strategic plan, which forms “road map” for us. Each country needs it.

- What can you say about the cooperation perspectives of new Development Ministry with Azerbaijan?

- Azerbaijan and Turkey have very completing economic system. You have important sources, good development process. Turkey is the country which the economy develops. Our interests are joint. Our interests must be joint as our language, religious, culture. That’s why, we need to increase our relations in economic sphere. Our economic relations develops day-by-day. We have economies that support each other. You see that, there is stability in the markets of developed countries. This situation makes the relations with neighbor countries more important. Center of production directs to East-China, India. IN this situation Azerbaijan and Turkey can do every thing as brother countries.
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