Most terrible air crashes of world sport history – STATISTICS

Most terrible air crashes of world sport history – <font color=red>STATISTICS </font>
# 09 September 2011 08:25 (UTC +04:00)
The first plane crash that took the life of a whole team, took place on May 4, 1949 in Italy, when in full force killed a football club "Torino". The plane took off from Lisbon. Not far from Turin plane crashed in fog, and because of poor visibility, touched the wing of the building and crashed to the ground.

In the same year, the plane crash over the English Channel killed six hockey team Czechoslovakia. But in the same year, the country’s national team for the first time in its history, defeated the Canadians and the second time won the world championship. A year later - in 1950 - the same bad luck caught up with the hockey team from the USSR. In a plane crash over Sverdlovsk killed 11 Air Force players on the team.

In 1958, another crash claimed the lives of eight players and three members of the coaching staff, "Manchester United". The team returned home from Belgrade after the match, the Champions Cup and made a landing in Munich. Take-off from Munich airport because of snow with the team plane could not take off and skidded on the runway. Nine players and head coach of the club Matt Busby survived. Busby was able to re-create a team.

In 1960, four tragedies happened. In 1960, air crash near the Danish town of Kastrup claimed the lives of eight players of the national team of Denmark. A year later - in February 1961 - the plane taking off from the airport in New York, crashed during landing at Brussels. All aboard were killed. Of the 73 passengers were 34 skaters, coaches and officials of the U.S. team in figure skating, their families and friends, traveling the world championship in Prague. Then the World Cup was canceled as a sign of mourning for the dead.

Two months later - in April 1961 - 24 player of the team, "Green Cross" were killed in a plane crash in Chile. In 1969 in a plane crash in Bolivia, killed 19 players of "Liquid Air" team.

In addition, on April 1, 1970, a passenger aircraft An-24 crashed near Krasnoyarsk. Then all the passengers were killed, among whom were junior volleyball team as a whole.

A terrible incident occurred in October of 1972. Then in the Chilean Andes at an altitude of 4000 meters, the plane crashed into a mountain slope and got stuck there. On board there was no food, and people were forced to eat their dead comrades. On board were 45 passengers, including the rugby team Old Christians Club of Uruguay in Montevideo. As a result, 16 people survived.

Then, on August 11, 1979, in the skies over Dneprodzerzhinsk, crashed two planes at once. One of them carried a flight from Tashkent to Minsk, and his board were 83 people, including 17 football team celebrated in Tashkent "Pakhtakor". On board of the second plane were 89 people. The terrible tragedy took the lives of 178 people. This composition "Pakhtakor" was the best in the history of the Tashkent club.

In December 1987, the plane crashed with players, coaches and fans of FC "Alliance of Lima." The tragedy occurred near the capital of Peru, Lima. In total, the disaster killed 43 people.

In June 1989, a plane crashed in Suriname. On board were 187 people. They managed to survive only 11 of them. In the disaster were killed 15 Dutch players of Surinamese origin. They were sent to Paramaribo to participate in friendly matches.

In 1993, only 500 meters from the coast of Libreville, the capital of Gabon, there was a plane crash, which killed 18 soccer team players in Zambia. They were heading for the World Cup qualifying match against the 1994 national team of Senegal.

In August 2008, a plane on board which was the youth team of Kyrgyzstan’s basketball crashed. Athletes were sent to Tehran to participate in competitions. Ten crew members were killed, seven were still alive.

It should be noted that on 7 September 2011, an airplane with a hockey team "Lokomotiv” on board crashed near Yaroslavl city, Russia. As a result of the accident, 43 people of 45 were killed.